@HulkHogan on @SternShow questioned about taking off Hulkamania dewrag to Kukhold @BTLSRadio’s wife.

I watched the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as a kid. I had my square circle ring and some figurines and loved the battle royal concept most of all. The last conversation I had with my 89 year old grandfather, he revealed that he was an an avid watcher and gave me years of backstory on all my favorite characters.

I’ve heard plenty of Hogan interviews on Stern- him talking about steroids, his divorce, dumping millions into his daughter’s music career, etc. However, this interview was different because it made me think back to the Hogan I idealized. The mindfuck was instant. I imagined explaining the nuances of Hulk’s real life to a 10 year old kid who thought the whole drama of wrestling was real.

“Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, be true to yourself, true to your country. Be a real American.”

Apparently, the acting in front of the cameras about saying your prayers was just the tip of make believe iceberg.

Listening to Howard’s callers rip through Hogan was the most surreal part of the interview.

After Eric the Actor (@EricTheActor) calls in, Hanzi (@Hanzi83) pulled Hogan’s card with a bunch of crazy-sounding accusations. The era he cited came long after Hulk fell off my radar and could have been completely inaccurate as Hanzi is considerably unstable

Mary Ann from Brooklyn (@MFBrooklyn) commented next that Hogan took the Hulkamania dew rag off  for the romantic encounter.

Another caller asked Hulk to compare the oral sex techniques of Linda Hogan, Heather Clem and Brutus the Barber Beefcake.

The caller by the name of Balls wrapped things up by calling Hulk’s member a “big veiny thermos.” is the home of the King of all Media

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