@BryanCranston on @SternShow: The one universal attribute of anyone successful in Hollywood, and his dad teaching him how not to behave

Bryan Cranston gave a fascinating interview on the Stern Show. In this clip, he talks about luck—the one universal component of any successful career in Hollywood. He goes on to trace the random string of events that brought him to a small part in the X-Files TV show. He didn’t think much of it then but the director of that particular show would go on to Breaking Bad many years later and brought Cranston along.

Cranston then takes us back to his upbringing. His father taught him a little bit about how to behave and a lot about how not to behave.

Another clip of Cranston talking about training with the DEA to cook up meth and some advice for up-and-comers in Hollywood. is the home of the King of all Media

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